LotD #120 「senbonzakura」

LotD #120

Hey Cutiepie! ♡
I'm very happy to be part of the blogger team for 'The Kawaii Project'! Most of you probably know that I'm a huuuuge addict to kawaii, cute and moe stuff in SL. (ノ・∀・)ノ When I first heard of the kawaii project I just thought..
This will be awesome! (´∀`)♡♡♡ omg!
Kawaii Project opens on November 15th. ♡
The staff made a beautiful shopping area and gathered 30 of the best designer to make you the cutest items.
Check out more details at the website, there's a list of all the designer too ♡

This time I'll talk about the new release from Lovely Disarrey, exclusive for the kawaii project. I've picked the Neo Geisha Concept in pink and I adore it soooo much! I just had to wear my rozuhime kimono from violent seduction and take some pics ♡
The Neo Geisha set has tattoo layer and six loud mouth lipsticks (。・ω・。)ノ♡ Two comeplete layer, five seperate layer, so seven in total! I especially like the forehead make up and the eye liner ♡♡
I look foward to seeing you all in the cutest neo geisha make up ♡

Skin: .Atomic. Skin {HeartStrings} Porceain
Eyes: [Buzz] Bewitched Eyes - Angel
Makeup: Lovely Disarray - Neo Geisha Concept : Tamashi Complete
(The Kawaii Project, opening on the 15th)
Kanzashi: kisetsu - Hana Kanzashi - Sakura
Kimono: Violent Seduction - Rozuhime
Fan: GeishaDreams Maiougi - Spring Rain

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