LotD #17

LotD #17

Ohayo everyone!
I bet some of you really like sweets, right? Then you should head to {Amai}! Our favorite succubus bloggerin has her own candy filled store with fair prices! They’re made with a lot of care, some even open your mouth <3 Another thing I adore about this post: The hair. Candy Mountain released three hair styles and I swear - they’re awesome. The texture is waaaay better then your average hair store and they’re in TONS, really TONS of colors. You want your hair to shimmer in peacock or rainbow colors? No problem. Heh~~~ As expected I stayed with pink.. LOL!

Mouthie: {Amai} Kumaface. - Strawberry Chocolate
Cookies: {Amai} <3 My Furbaby. - Inusweets (Mum’s Day Gacha Fair!; 30L$ per play - starts May 9th)
Mochi: {Amai} Mochi. - Bunny Inusweets
Dango: {Amai} Dango. - Script - Pink Inusweets
Cupcakes: {Amai} super cute object box~!

Hair: Candy Mountain . dreamsicle - sugar .
Eyes: Candy Mountain . dew . white
Makeup: cheLLe - (eyeliner) Icey Inner Eye White
Eyeliner: [Buzz] Gel Liner - Hot Pink
Blush: PANTSU*HUNTER animu blush
Roses: !Ohmai: Rosie Posies
Rabbit ears: Frick Finkler - Sakura Rollcake Rabbit
Jewelery: .:EMO-tions:. * ELBENSOUL* silver/pearl (gacha)
Bracelet: *MM* Yummy Charm Bracelet
Ring: .Atomic. Celebrate! Cupcake Ring (group gift @ the chapter four)

Collar: Blah. (My Nekomata Collar) Pink
Shirt: Violent Seduction - Lolita Blouse
Dress: S O N Y E \O/  < Loose sailor. Dress >    White
Wings: .{yumyums}. Homemade Wings {Sweet Nothings} (fantasy carnival gacha)
Socks & Bow: .Atomic. Scout Stockings - Chibi
Shoes: .tsg. Ruffle Platforms - SolidxPink

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